Social Media Strategy

Power-Hour Strategy Call

A Do-It-Yourself way that gives a map to get there.

Maybe you’re comfortable and have the time to do your own social media marketing. Woohoo! You just don’t have a clear vision of where you should be going.

That’s why you need the Power-Hour Strategy Call. You’ll have a hour Zoom call with me to talk about your strategy.

I’ll guide you on your path to social media domination and make sure you don’t get off the course.

There you can ask all questions you have. Once your done you’ll have the clarity and confidence to go at it yourself.

Here's how it's going down.

You hit the big gold button and send us your project details through our Contact page

I'll reply back with access to my calendar so you can book your 60-minute power hour strategy call. To lock in your spot, you'll pay for the hour and then get your questions ready.

During our power hour I'll help you with your hashtag strategy, caption posting ideas, story ideas, and any other questions and guidance you need.

Once a date has been agreed upon and I have all the content from you, I’ll be busy away creating your content for posting. Now is the time that you can relax, and take care of the rest of your biz.

As soon as the call is done, I'll send you over the recording so you can watch it anytime.

Get a custom strategy that will propel your social media marketing.

Your Investment $197