Branding for entrepreneurs helps you stand out. Because every day new entrepreneurs and small businesses pop up trying to sell the same thing that you’re selling.


Which means there is a lot of competition out there. One way to stand out and not have to worry about competition is by being consistent with your brand.


What is a personal brand?

A brand can be anything. A logo, a design, a song, a color, a reputation, and so much more. But it’s pretty much what the company or business is known for.


For example, the department store Nordstrom has a policy of accepting returns no matter how long ago the item was purchased. And the item can be worn and used up, Nordstrom will gladly take it back and issue you a refund.


Their generous return policy has built their reputation and that’s one of the things they’re known for.


Personal branding, on the other hand, goes a bit deeper and has to do with your public appearance for your audience. It means that you’re not hiding your face behind a  faceless corporation. Your clients and audience are going to know who you are.


You don’t interact with the owner of Nordstrom when you go in. Or talk to him if you call up customer service. What is his or her name anyways???


But by being an entrepreneur your personal brand is how you represent and present yourself online and offline.


This gives you a greater advantage over other non-solo businesses.




Well right now, people are on the lookout for relationships and connections. And you’ll be able to connect with your audience in ways that faceless corporations can’t.


An example, I do web design and branding. It’s just me. If you send an email I’m the one answering back. It’s my face and name behind what I do and I genuinely want to help you out!


As an entrepreneur personal branding is important because it’s your reputation, and it’s dependent on the success of your career.


It’s what makes you different from your competitors.


Why would you want a personal brand?

For starters, it will help you attract better clients. And instead of having to cold email or cold call to get work, clients will come to you. No more dealing with clients from hell.


It will also give you the opportunity to make yourself stand out from the crowd by showcasing your skills and services.


Anyone can provide the services you do.


But it’s how you interact with your client, do the work, and deliver the goods that all have your personal touch.


Being solo means that you have to put yourself out there. You’ll start to build real relationships with other people in your industry and beyond.


Plus, you’ll have the ability to grow your network and start learning from other people. When this happens, referrals start coming in.  You’ll be one of their go-to peeps for the work and service you provide.


Why is personal branding important

As an entrepreneur, your business is built on trust. Did you know that 84% of millennials don’t trust advertising? That means they’re looking for connections and people they trust before they do business with.


Even though businesses succeed with social media there is still that lack of disconnect for most.


Which means there’s a need for personal connection.

Have you ever read an article or blog post from someone and instantly connected to them? And that made you sign up for their email list and now you look forward to their emails landing in your inbox? Yep me too.


This is the connection people crave especially if they’re going to do business with them.


Another reason is that you’ll no longer be a commodity.

But a specialized professional. So go ahead and start charging those premium prices you’ve been wanting to charge. Your future clients will happily pay for it.


Personal branding will also help you build your confidence.

Your confidence will grow once you get over your fear of putting yourself out there and start seeing the positive results.


Once you get to this level everything you do will be even more amazing. From the content, you publish to client work.


Here are 2 important tips on branding to live by.

1. No matter what, be yourself

It may be hard to not compare yourself to your competition. Or you want to snoop and see what strategies they’re currently using. Which might not be a bad thing as long as you’re not copying them.


And as long as you’re not trying to be something or someone else because you think it will make you more successful. If you do you’ll start to hate yourself and your business because you’re not running it from the heart.


Be yourself. This solo business of yours is dependent on you. It’s made up of you and no one can copy you. Nor can they duplicate you, your personality, or your unique story.


2. Consistency is key

The real secret is consistency.  Let’s go back to that blog writer you connected with and signed up for their email list.


Have you ever done that and then got your welcome email and maybe the freebie they were giving away and then poof that was it?


You’ve never gotten an email from them again? I hate it when that happens because I was looking forward to hearing from them.


What ends up happening is when they do finally send an email I look at it and think “who’s that?”. They’ve been long forgotten because they were not consistent.   

So if that means you need to create an editorial posting schedule and stick to it, do it. 


If all you do is blog, that’s fine just don’t ever miss a week of publishing.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. It really doesn’t. It just needs to be on time every week. Or whenever you decide to post.


The more consistent you are, the more your brand will stand out!


Here’s a recap on why branding is important to your solo business:


  • You’ll attract better clients
  • You’ll start to build trust
  • You’ll no longer be seen as a commodity
  • You’ll get a boost of confidence

Just remember this. Whether you start to purposely build your brand or not, there is a brand that exists already within your business. From all the public posts you make, your audience sees it and makes their own opinion.


But you have the power to try and control how they see you. So make it a good and memorable one that will have them begging you for your services.


Comment below and lemme know what your struggles are with branding.