How to Use Social Media for Personal Branding

how to use social media for personal branding

Personal branding on social media is an intimidating topic for some small business owners and solopreneurs.   Maybe you’ve struggled with it, too. You want to be warm and approachable, but you don’t want to cross the line into oversharing.   You want to be professional and polished, but you don’t want to be thought […]

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Why Branding is So Important for Entrepreneurs

why branding is so important for entrepreneurs

Branding for entrepreneurs helps you stand out. Because every day new entrepreneurs and small businesses pop up trying to sell the same thing that you’re selling.   Which means there is a lot of competition out there. One way to stand out and not have to worry about competition is by being consistent with your […]

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7 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make with Their Branding

7 mistakes entrepreneurs are making in their branding

One of the best parts of building a personal brand is getting to attract your dream clients. When you know who you are and what you offer, you’ll find it easier to connect with potential clients. If you’re having a hard time attracting your ideal client it could be because of your branding. Here are […]

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