About Me!

Nadine Padro

Social Media Manager & Strategist

Nadine is an entrepreneur, social media manager, and digital marketer. Working out of the mountains in New Hampshire by day you can find her woodburning mandalas by night. She spends most of her social media time on Instagram. Follow her there.

Let me be your success partner!

Hi there! I'm Nadine. =)

I want to be your success partner!

My formula is simple: My Wisdom + Your Wisdom = More Success and a Great Partnership.

I’m passionate about helping other entrepreneurs make their business kickass! Why?

Because we entrepreneurs are a different breed. We love and strive for freedom and don’t conform to the office cubicle.

Friends and family may doubt us but we don’t give up. We know what we want and work hard and sacrifice to make it happen.

That’s why I want to help you succeed. Because I LOVE people that want to take control of their lives and make it better with entrepreneurship.

So let me be your success partner and let me help you with your social media marketing to get you more leads. 

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Why I Do What I Do?

My Core Values


I take MY business and YOUR business serious.

You won’t ever have to worry about deadlines not being met, emails going unanswered, or crappy content production. I’m in the business to take care of YOUR business.


I am 100% focused and committed to helping your business succeed! 

While I’m hard marketing for your business, I’ll also listen closely to understand your business and your needs. That way we are always on the same page


I have an extreme passion to help other small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed!

This lets me start every project with enthusiasm and fresh energy. Bringing you positive results!

I want to partner with other like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners. And serve a community of people that want to thrive in their work!

Enough with living and working on autopilot. I’m only doing things that will help me and you as my client move forward with the success of my business. I’ve done the mindless office cubicle work before. And it’s not for me!

Friends & Family

My reality is that I’m in a world where people have conversations through text messages. So it’s a must to spend quality time with my family and friends.

To have meaningful conversations even if they live on the other side of the world.

Get to know me better!

A few fun facts about me

 I love to camp and hike. In the summer you’ll find me in the woods looking for a new mountain to climb.

I woodburn mandalas. It’s very therapeutic and meditative. Plus, I love how it makes me smell like a campfire.

At an elephant sanctuary in Thailand

I’m on a mission to fill up my passport. Traveling is a huge passion. My last trip I backpacked my way through SE Asia.

I’m a silly and love making everyone laugh.


Let's Start a Wonderful Collaboration!

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