About Nadine

Business Coach & Strategist

Let me be your success partner.

Hey there, I’m Nadine.

If you’re a stressed out entrepreneur that feels stuck and works hours and hours a week without seeing any more business growth, I’m your girl.

I help overwhelmed entrepreneurs like yourself get out of your own way so you can slay your goals and scale your business to the next level. 

My intention is to help as many entrepreneurs enjoy the freedom and profits that comes with having a business and achieve any goal that’s set.

My Core Values

What makes me different?


I have an extreme passion to help other small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed! This lets me start every project with enthusiasm and fresh energy. Bringing you positive results! I’m happy when you’re successful.


I take my business and YOUR business serious. You won’t ever have to worry about deadlines not being met, emails going unanswered, or crappy content production. I’m in the business to take care of YOUR business.


I love to partner with other like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners. Plus, serve a community of people that want to thrive in their work! No competition here. I follow and support my fellow social media babes and encourage their success.


Why makes things complicated when they don’t need to be. I run my business and help others run their business using the 80/20 rule. Ditching what doesn't work even if it's the latest marketing fad. Business doesn't have to be hard. By keeping things simple you can have a highly profitable and fun business.

Your Dream. My Mission.

I Believe In Being An Intentional Business.

Enough with living and working on autopilot. I’m only doing things that move our businesses forward with success. All actions are mindful and purpose driven.

I’ll listen closely to understand your business and your needs. That way we’re always on the same page.

Let me help you thrive in your business!

Charities I Support

A portion of your purchase goes to these charities I support. I have a huge passion about these causes and want to help any way I can.

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