One of the best parts of building a personal brand is getting to attract your dream clients. When you know who you are and what you offer, you’ll find it easier to connect with potential clients.


If you’re having a hard time attracting your ideal client it could be because of your branding.


Here are 5 mistakes that solo business owners make in their branding and what to do to fix it so you can get your dream clients


1. Not knowing who you are

Did you go into business without defining your core values? Do you know what your mission and focus are and who you want to serve?


Knowing these are the foundation of success because it determines your why.


Why you wake up and serve other people. Why you are doing what you are doing.

It’s the stepping stone that will make everything else easier because you know these answers.


2. Not knowing your audience

Another mistake small businesses make is not knowing who their target audience is. You might be too universal and try to reach everyone.


Did you ever sit down and think about the exact person who you’d like to sell your services too? Who is your perfect business partner you’d love to work with?


Hone in on your niche. Don’t be afraid to narrow down. Scale down just enough so that you’re speaking to a specific set of people, just not everyone.


3. Trying to be known for too much

What you don’t want is to be seen as a commodity. But if you’re trying to be the jack of all trades it’s going to be hard to charge premium prices.


What exactly is it that you do?


Don’t think you have to stay in that forever. It’s ok to evolve down the road but right now to be successful you need to be known for one thing.


4. Not being consistent

I can’t say how important being consistent is. You have to have some sort of content being published on a regular basis. I recommend weekly.


By not being consistent you won’t build any trust because people won’t know when you’re going to post something. Which in turn will make them soon forget all about you. You need to stay in their minds and the only way to do that is by being present constantly.


I know it can be overwhelming with all the marketing platforms out there. Plus, you have everyone telling you to do everything and be everywhere. Well, I’m here to tell you that all you need to do is pick 2 platforms.


I think the most important is your email list.


Never let that go stale. People went and signed up to be on your email list so that they can hear from you. So make sure you implement a weekly newsletter of some sorts talking to them. Don’t let them forget you!


The other platform is where your ideal clients hang out. Is it LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram? Wherever they are, focus all your attention there. Master it and gain the audience there.


5. Not being cohesive with your brand

So you have a pretty website with a logo and fonts and beautiful graphics. Yet you have not integrated any of that into your social media profiles.


If you hired a designer for your website they should have given you a style guide with all your design elements. You should use that as a guide and apply that branding everywhere.


Your brand needs to match on every platform. It should all flow from website to social media and even offline.


Just because you’re not online you should always think about branding. Get yourself some business cards with your design elements on there. If you’re mailing thank you notes then those notes should be branded by you.


They even sell stamps that you can upload your logo to. Now you don’t have to go that far but it would be a nice touch.


6. Not being confident

When you’re working alone and for yourself, it’s very easy to not feel confident and get imposter syndrome. Plus, most of us are all introverts and the thought of approaching someone can be nerve-racking. I totallllllyy get it.


But if you want to succeed and be seen as an authority and professional you need to put yourself out there. Not opening up prevents you from being real and living in a shell. Your audience can tell who’s being genuine and who’s not.


Go out there and build relationships with other influencers in your niche. It may not even be anyone huge. Just another solo entrepreneur trying to be successful too.

But you always want to build relationships with your audience as well. Build up that trust. Answering comments and questions on your blog or email go a long way.


There are wayyyyy too many so-called business owners that miss this simple step and it’s going to catch up with them.


Believe in yourself and the service you provide. You know you can do this. Once you do you’ll start to see your confidence skyrocket and the doors that will open.


7. Not making your business something you’ll love to do

I want to finish up with an important mistake. This, of course, should be known right at the beginning right with your values and mission.


But I’ve seen some entrepreneurs fail because they don’t love what they do. They got caught up in some shiny object and decided that’s what they wanted to do.

When we work for ourselves we eat and sleep our business. Make sure what your eating and sleeping in is something you enjoy.


Otherwise, you going to burn out and start to slack. Next thing you know months have gone by and nothing new has happened and then you eventually quit.

Entrepreneurship is a lot of work but the rewards are even better. 


It’s magnified when you actually love it.


So are you making any of these mistakes?

That’s ok because now you’re aware of them and they can be fixed. It’s all a learning battle and if you start working on these tweaks, you’ll start to see the results.


And if you need help reach out to me. It’s what I do and I love to help!